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Steve Jobs Resignation and the Future of Apple Devices

August 25, 2011 by  

Steve Jobs resignation from Apple as CEO has sent shockwaves around the world, and the Internet is already abuzz with speculation on what will happen to Apple. In Apple’s official PR on Steve Job’s resignation, it is clear though that the company is not floundering around for solutions, but is in fact quite ready with […] Read More..

Apple iTablet is now called the iPad

August 17, 2009 by  

Apple iTablet

Yet another twist in the Apple iTablet story is it's supposed new name, the iPad.  This information was leaked by the retailer Borders.

An online survey from Borders has hinted that the name will not be the iTablet as we once thought Not only that, the survey of electronic book readers refers to the device as an 'Apple iPAD (large screen reading device)', asking the participant if they are planning to buy one 'this year'.

Read More..

Apple iPhone Rumour: an OLED iPhone

March 23, 2009 by  

I recently blogged about the new iPhone Version 3.0 OS update for Apple’s vaunted Jesus phone, the £621.57 iPhone. The new update finally addressed the issues and missing features that iPhone users felt a phone should have as standard features in any new phone, namely, the ability to send MMS and copy and paste functions. Apple did admirably well in finally addressing customer requests and complaints and has turned the iPhone into a more complete smartphone now. Read More..

iPhone version 3 addresses common iPhone complaints

March 20, 2009 by  

When the iPhone - the unlocked version now sells for approximately £450.00 at - was first released, it really wowed the mobile phone buying public. The touchscreen was quite awesome, and the many apps that you can put on the phone made it very useful and quite versatile. At that point the term “Jesus phone” was bannered about. Unfortunately, after the initial thrill of the romance, criticisms began to emerge. Why is there no MMS? Why can’t users cut and paste? Read More..

Beware: Exploding Powerbook!

March 6, 2009 by  

There’s a perfectly good reason that I refuse to put my laptop on my, uhm, lap. First of all, it’s a very awkward position for a touch typist like me. I feel like it’s going to topple at any minute, and I think it’s a very accident prone position – a wrong move would send your laptop dropping to the floor jeopardizing my expensive gadget. Second, laptops can get freakily hot underneath and it can get really uncomfortable. I love the family jewels too much to expose the boys to that kind of heat. I have no intention of unintentionally boiling them. Read More..

Hit iPhone App Made By 9-Year-Old

February 11, 2009 by  

One of the best things about the iPhone is the slew of third party applications that are available for download. Indeed, this is one main reason that a lot of people want to get their hands on this phone, despite its many lacking features as a mobile phone. But did you ever think that a kid – a 9-year-old at that – would be able to create a working iPhone app, much less one that would become a hit? Read More..

12 Days Of Freebies From Apple

December 21, 2008 by  

On the 1st day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…a concert clip of my favourite artist. On the 2nd day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…a live rendition of my favourite song. On the 3rd day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…an episode of my favourite TV show... Read More..

iWake Classic Style

December 5, 2008 by  

While we’re on the topic of iPods, I thought I’d feature another accessory for this wonderful invention. Seriously, I think that one of the best – if not the best – measures of a gadget’s popularity is when other gadgets that serve as accessories crop up all over the place. And that is exactly what has happened to the iPod. Read More..

uCan Drink With The iBreath

December 3, 2008 by  

Anything with the small “i” at the beginning of the word already tells you that the product is for the ubiquitous iPod (or perhaps the iPhone). In any case, we know it is for one of Apple’s products. And though we have been told time and again that we should never drink and drive, it seems that the temptation is too strong for some people. Hence, the popularity of portable breathalysers. This new breathalyser in the market is no ordinary gadget, though. It has the added attraction of being plugged into your iPod, making it as cool as any breathalyser could ever be. Read More..

Sony NWZ-S639F Walkman: iPod Nano Killer?

November 25, 2008 by  

There is no denying that Apple has made history with its ubiquitous iPod line of portable mp3 players. Ever since they released the first generation of iPods, people all over the world have been scrambling to get the latest version. Naturally, this gave rise to competition, mp3 players slated to be iPod killers. To date, though, I don’t think that any of them have been able to get one over on Apple. Until now, maybe. Read More..
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