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Shopping carts with Magnifying Glasses help you read the fineprints!


Now isn’t this a cool idea? These days products are packaged “boldly” that the nutrition facts are almost impossible to read. And isn’t that what’s important? With products like, cereals, packaged with personalities, cartoons and games, the important information is shoved to an ultra-small box. And the only way to read it is by using a magnifying glass!

And here it is, a Swiss coop market has this to serve their community. has mentioned that it may be called a “magni-cart”? Of course, the term taken from “magnifying glass” and “shopping cart”.

With todays world population gaining in the “older people” section (specially in Japan), Magni-Cart is a boost in making sure our senior citizens are well informed. They need to know the nutrition facts in their diet stated clearly for their information.

I’ve seen some grocery carts that has attached calculators or “bar readers” to help shoppers add up and budget their groceries. Thus avoiding a huge bill at the cashier. I am guessing there would be more gadgets applied to the shopping experience… at least for those of us who prefer hands-on shopping… listen to this:

Imagine just having a bar reader where you stroll along the grocery lanes and just scan the items you need, you pay for it at the cashier… and it everything gets delivered to your home the following day. Beats carrying heavy shopping bags now doesn’t it? Just a raw idea that I know can use more minds to improve.

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